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Gigglebies Gigglesbury Castle


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'Gigglebies Gigglesbury Castle' is the Forth title in a series of Educational CDROM's for children aged 3+.

In 'Gigglesbury Castle' you join Tipi, Scoot and Inventor Binks on an exciting journey back through time to visit the ancestors of Gigglesbury!

The games introduce children to learning very basic computer skills along with developing general early learning skills amid enjoyable playing.These skills include:

gigglebies Spelling games Mouse and pointer control
games Colours and Observation gigglebies Visual memory and recollection
gigglebies Responding to visual instruction games Improving mouse accuracy
games Awareness of space and orientation gigglebies Encouraging helpfulness and Active involvement
CD-Roms for PC and Mac OSX For PC ComputersFor Apple Mac Computers
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