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Gigglebies have fun whilst you learn

Teachers and Parents

See parents comments here
See teachers Comments here

The first Gigglebies CDROM was launched in 2003 by the company Jelly Bridge Productions.
Registered with the Governments Curriculum Online, the Gigglebies have become a firm favourite with Pre-schools and Nurseries throughout the UK and it is now available to be played at home!

The Gigglebies range consists of 5 CDROM’s (or downloads) that are designed to suit various stages of a childs development. The different levels help to progress a childs computer skills and confidence. Skills throughout the range include: Mouse control, click & drag, eye to hand co-ordination, spelling & keyboard skills, memory & observation, shapes & categories, numbers and patterns, counting, creative picture composition, space and orientation, listening & helpfulness.

2 to 3 Gigglebies Garden Party is the CDROM most suitable for children that have little or no experience of using a mouse. It's a wonderful introduction to using the computer.
3 to 5 Gigglebies Fruity Park is a good CDROM to follow on from Garden Party as it progresses a child’s mouse and keyboard skills and boosts confidence, it's also great fun at the fair!
4 to 6 Gigglebies Adventure Islands progesses a childs competence on the computer further still from Fruity Park. It is more challenging, for example, it requires increased response rates when using the mouse.
3 to 5 Gigglesbury Castle has 3 levels of difficulty which enable children of different abilities to play and learn as they progress through each level. There are many exciting challenges to play and enjoy!
3 to 5 Gigglebies Super Sports Day. A fun sporting theme with an emphasis on numeracy. The 3 levels of difficulty allow children of varying abilites to join in the fun!


‘My son absolutely loves Gigglebies and at just three years old has very good IT skills thanks to playing the Gigglebies games. They are definitely value for money and money very well spent!' Alexandra Proctor, Ilfracombe, Devon


‘Our daughter played Gigglebies games at nursery and absolutely loved them! We then bought them for her to play at home. They are definitely educational, promoting memory, concentration and co-ordination.'
David Longfield, Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland


‘There is no doubt our children, aged 3 & 5, have learnt their way around a computer thanks to Gigglebies. I'd recommend Gigglebies to anyone - all editions have served us well. They have also made excellent Christmas and Birthday presents!'
Graham Nash, Ashford, Kent


‘A brilliant product! My grandson loves Gigglebies and is able to use it unaided. It was great to be able to download the trial to see if it was suitable before purchase.'
Jill Mynard, Cardiff, South Glamorgan


‘My daughter loves Gigglebies! She is autistic, and although communication is limited, knows how to ask for, and use the programs by herself with no help. Since we bought the Gigglebies, she has been a very happy girl and asks for them a lot.'
Vikki Halliday, Blair Drummond, Stirling

"A ‘thank-you' letter to say how much Amy (grand- daughter) is enjoying the ‘Garden Party' disc. She is using it even as I write and joins in the voices – so is totally involved. Amy can use the whole programme by herself, and responds to all the instructions quite quickly. I've noticed her mouse skills improving in the ‘garden cleaning' section. Thank you for a great disc."
Grandmother – Chelmsford, England

"We bought your game for our niece this Christmas, and the feedback has been excellent! She absolutely loves it, and its made her want to learn the computer - she now manages to switch it all on and sit up on the office chair before she shouts to her mum that she's ready to play!"
Uncle and Aunt - Brixham, Devon, England

"I bought the Gigglebies game for my 3-year-old daughter a month ago, and found that she loves it! It's a very colorful and bright game with lots of those little logical puzzles that kids like to solve - you know, the kind with "fitting the blocks into the right holes", discovering stuff and so on. I'm not a child psychologist, but it seems to be quite stimulating. She's even started asking for it herself."
Father - Copenhagen, Denmark

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Teachers Comments:

"(Fruity Park) It's great - so popular just like the last one. Let us know when you do more! Keep up your excellent work"
Karen Hathaway, Herstmonceux Preschool

"Couldn't send it back - there would be too many disappointed children!!"
Lynda Browne, Moorfield Pre-School

"Children are mesmerised by it."
Rebecca Wood, Sunshine Nursery

"Excellent - children and staff loved it"
Mrs P Lewis, Fyfield Pre-school

"We have found the children have enjoyed this software most from all we have"
Mrs C Hamer, Step by Step Nursery

"The children love it!!!"
Juliete Blower, The Avenue Private Day Nursery

"It's really enjoyable + fun + educational. Thank you"
Lucia Bachew, Kingsgate Pre-School

"Very good for Pre-School children"
Kim Parker-Mead, Treasure Tots Pre-School

"Great fun!"
S. Ryder, St John's Pre-School and playgroup

"Excellent - The children took to it straight away"
Hazel Henson, Pilsey Pre-School Nursery

"Children found it entertaining; staff said it was really good"
Theresa Purdie, St Francis Pre-School

Mrs Parker, Nutkins Pre-School

"Children and staff really enjoy Fruity Park"
Susan Wade, Hillside Pre-School

"We are thrilled with this product"
L. Ashfield, Codsall Methodist Pre-School

"Children love it. Instructions easy to follow"
M. Faithfull, St Philip Howard Pre-School Playgroup

"You were right - The children love the Garden Party!"
Shiela Sayward, Brightstart Montessori Nursery

"Excellent CD – Very popular"
Ann Foulkes, Little Folks Nursery

"The children really enjoy this cd-rom (Fruity Park) which is proving as popular as 'Garden Party'"
The Manager, Chestnut Tree Nursery

"Good graphics. Children enjoy it"
Chris Sarney, Hill View Pre-School

Hermin Whyte, Little Climbers Daycare

"We like both of the cd-roms we have bought"
Willow Park Day Nursery

"Children have enjoyed it very much"
Deborah Sanders, Ladybird Pre-School Nursery

"This has proved to be a hit with the children!"
Sue Nurse, The Nursery School

"Please send any new ones through"
Sam Goodwright, Lingfield Say Nursery Ltd

Moira Willgrass, Happy Days Nursery

"The children all love the game thank you"
Tina Heard, Little Acorns Day Nursery

"A lovely cd. The children and staff love using it."
Gill Wright, Bagpuss Nursery

"This new software has been a hit with the childen. They really enjoyed the first (Garden Party) and this new one (Fruity Park) has the same reaction"
Tashia Robinson, The Shore Pre-School

"Please send more products - the children love it"
Mr Andani, Fatemah Day Nursery

"Children love this CD and we look forward to trying out some more"
Trish Smith, Farnsfield Pre-School

"The children love the Gigglebies which makes us happy"
Mrs Wardell, Waddles Day Nursery

"Enjoyed by all ages in our group - including adults!!"
Meadowland Pre-School

"Another great interactive cdrom - well done!"
Dawn Hughes, Footprints Daycare

"(Fruity Park) An instant hit, as with the Garden Party"
Sara Hatchwell, The Squirrels Pre-School

"Very good for independant learning at pre-school level"
Catherine Bond, Snap Dragons Nursery

"Love it, (so do the children!!)"
Jacqueline Barringer, Rocking Horse Day Nursery

"The children love it!"
Emily Towers, Little Acorns Day Nursery

"Brilliant as usual!!"
J L Moore, Little footsteps Nursery

"This Cdrom is good for our age range and is value for money"
C. Cole, Littleport Community Pre-School

"Fantastic! It's a brilliant learning tool"
Sarah Raucci, Little Poppets Day Nursery

"Our children really enjoy this cdrom, it's very popular!"
Jason Watts, The Village Montessori Nursery

"A great programme that children of all ages have enjoyed"
Tanya Crumpton, Pennington Village Pre-School

"I am delighted with the Gigglebies Garden Party CD which is very appropriate for the children in our Montessori Nursery School aged 3 years and 4 years. Once the teacher has started the children off, they very easily understand what to do and have thoroughly enjoyed playing the games – especially the concentration game and the eraser activity. Once they have good control of the mouse, they are competent and interested to get involved as the concepts are very accurately geared to this age range. They stay focused for up to 15 – 20 minutes.
The Gigglebies Garden Party complements many of the activities in the Montessori environment. The graphics are very good and the sound is not obtrusive.
Congratulations on bringing a product to the market which is so acceptable."
Jacqueline Maclean, Headteacher - The Village Montessori Nursery School

Piglets Nursery
Bright Horizons Family Solutions

Dear Sarah,

I am writing to congratulate all at Jelly Bridge Productions for the wonderful Gigglebies Garden Party CDROM. The Children at Piglets enjoyed the programme from the first day it arrived in the room.

The older children who already have the skills and ability to navigate themselves around a familiar programme found the programme user friendly and did not need any assistance from an adult loading the activities. The younger children watched and were also guided by their peers in the operation of the games. The various activities hold great value for fine manipulative skills, hand eye co-ordination, memory enhancement and team work.

The characters on the programme have now become the children's own friends and if a child does not know how to work the programme, they understand with clear instructions the objectives from the characters of that particular game.

The cd-rom is a huge hit with all our children but in particular our little boy who has severe cerebral palsy and global developmental delay. The first day the children were playing on the computer the little boy in question was engaged in another activity. Within minutes of the game being loaded, he had thrown his toy on the floor and was listening to the audio interactions on the games. He was laughing so hard that the other children in the room stopped to see what he was laughing at. In particular his favourite sound effects are on the game where the children need to load the fruit into the carts. He will wait for the children to select the carts and then begin laughing, and waving his arms. The bright, large images on the screen are highly stimulating and the sound effects are just brilliant. He will identify the cd-rom from the corridor, before he has even entered the room.

As a nursery manager I would recommend this cd-rom to anybody who has children, of any developmental level. The characters are bright and friendly, the games are fun, educational and user friendly and the sound effects appeal to all.

Sending kind regards


Lucy Fogg
Centre Manager

"Without exception, all of us who have seen Gigglebies think that it is a great piece of software. The program was really refreshing to play with, as it approaches the whole area of basic skills in such a fun and intuitive manner, and quite unlike any other piece of similarly focused software I have looked at/seen previously."
Business Director, Tag Learning Ltd

"I have received the Gigglebies Garden Party program this morning and am really, really impressed with it. I can see all of our Infant and Nursery schools being equally taken with it."
Anne-Marie Walker, Manager - Pink Cow Select

"Engaging characters and clear instructions made this an instant hit with our reception children. The children were eager to do the tasks again and again. I like the fact that there is a clear ending where the children are congratulated for finishing and the characters wave them goodbye, rather like the end of The Railway Children, so they knew when it was time for someone else to have a go.
It would be great to have this in a nursery or reception class and it is very good value for money."
Yvonne Pearson, Specialist ICT Teaching, Learning Support Magazine

"Helping these characters out provides young players with ample opportunity to learn observational skills (via playing spot-the-difference, for instance) and the painting and colouring activities are fun too."
Junior Magazine UK Edition January 2004

"What a wonderful invitation for three-year-olds. This new CD ROM introduces children to mouse control and early learning skills. The additional painting activity encourages children to experiment with colour mixing by dragging the red, green and blue sliders to mix their own colours."
Nursery World - UK Edition



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