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Gigglebies Technical Help
gigglebies I get an error message: "The ordinal 1333 could not be located in the dynamic link library IML32.dll" or "The program cannot create the nessesary files" or "You might not have enough space to install this program".
gigglebies This is caused by older versions of the ILM32 file installed on your PC. We have found that removing any old versions and installing the latest version of the Adobe Shockwave Player fixes this problem on most PCs.
The Shockwave player can be installed online from or if you want to install it later or on a different PC then you can download an offline version by clicking here and saving it to your PC.

gigglebies I get error messages: "This application cannot run"
gigglebies If this happens we have found that running the game in Compatibility Mode often solves the problem.

To run in Compatibility Mode please follow these intructions:

+ Locate your game icon on your desktop.
+ Right click on the icon and select Properties from the menu.
+ Select the 'Compatibility' tab from the top of the window.
+ In the 'Compatibity' box, tick the 'Run in Compatibility mode' box.
+ Vista users should select 'Windows XP (SP2)' from the drop down menu.
+ XP users should select 'Windows 98/Me' from the drop down menu.
+ Click 'OK' to return to the desktop.

gigglebies My PC tells me I need "MSVBVM60.DLL"

This is a Microsoft Visual Basic file which is needed for the Loader that launches early versions of Garden Party and Fruity Park. You can download it by clicking here. Save it to your PC, then run it ... it should install the files you need.

If you don't want to download the file from us, then you can get it from Microsoft by going here:

gigglebies Gigglebies Garden Party games load very slowly in Windows Vista
gigglebies You can download a patch for this by clicking here

gigglebies Nothing is happening when I click on the icon to run the game.
gigglebies This could be caused by your Flat Screen Monitor not supporting the screen size we run the game at.
For Fruity Park try running the game from the "Fruity Park (No Resize)" icon in the Start Menu.
For Garden Party try right-clicking on the desktop icon and select "Properties" from the menu. Then, in the "Target" box of the Shortcut tab change the word "GardenParty.exe" to "go.exe", then click ok and try running it again.

If you have any problems with our games please complete our Technical Help Form (Click here)
with as much detail about the problem as possible and we will try and help.


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